Explore Veo Live

There’s nothing like watching sports live. Share all the moments of great victories and cruel defeats – as they happen.

Increase exposure

Reach the world from the sideline. Live-stream your biggest achievements and nurture a fan base worldwide – and in your local community.

Never miss a moment

Stay connected with friends, family, and fans. When you start a live stream, a push notification is sent to your community, reminding them to join your game.


Activate sponsorships in new and creative ways. Use Overlays to promote your partners or events in the club. Use RTMP to get more exposure and open to a wider audience.

Full control

You have full control over the live stream. It means you can update the scoreboard and tag game moments in real-time.


Curious about your live streams’ engagement and viewership? You can see how the viewers engage with your streams and how many watch each of your games.

Stream your games to the world

Live-stream your games to the Veo Live app, external streaming services, or social media.


Stream to external streaming platforms and social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and many others. Or stream to your own platform with Veo’s RTMP – streaming to external platforms.

Veo Live app

Share the game experience by sending links to specific streams or encourage your community to follow your team in the app. With notifications, they get a reminder every time you’re about to start a game. When viewing the live games, you can send your reactions and cast the game to bigger screens.

Download the Veo Live app

All Veo live games are cast to the Veo Live app. It can be downloaded by anyone from the App store or Google Play for free.

Stream with Wi-Fi, 5G, or cable

You can live-stream with Veo using mobile internet (4G/5G), Wi-Fi, or an ethernet cable. All options give a smooth and reliable streaming experience.

The Veo Cam 3 is available with 5G. Streaming your games over 5G means you get the highest possible speed and quality, and the camera is future-proof.