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Exclusive demo account for coaches

Are you a coach and looking to explore whether Veo is the right choice for your team or club? Sign up for our free demo account to experience the power of Veo and to test out every feature our platform offers.

Demo account

Explore the possibilities in the Veo demo account

Get a hands-on feel for the Veo analysis platform. Explore every feature in our demo account and make an informed decision before you make a  purchase.

Create your own clips

Create your own clips of the most important match highlights

Playback footage

Use the follow cam view to playback the footage in the same broadcasting view you know from TV.

Control the view

Take control of the camera and zoom in on any player on the pitch with the interactive view.

Draw on screen

Demonstrate your thoughts visually by drawing arrows, lines and shapes directly on the recording

Comment and tag players

Comment and tag individual players and create a nice conversation about what they did well and where there is room for improvement.

Analyze a match

Try out our AI powered analysis features, all included in our add-on package Veo Analytics. Explore features such as the Shot Map, Heatmap and Pass Strings, just to mention a few.

Your AI assistant for sports analysis.


Is a Veo demo account free?

Absolutely, a Veo Demo account comes at no cost to you.

Why should I sign up for a demo account?

When you sign up for a demo account you get to experience the full spectrum of Veo's endless features. We believe that this is the best way to find out if Veo is something for you.

How do I sign up?

It's quick and easy! Just click here to sign up for your free Veo Demo account.